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  1. Spanish Fly Libido Enhancer – Does it Work Well For You?

    August 23, 2017 by spanishflypro2017

    Many couples think that their sex life is getting dull every moment because they are missing out a lot on their experiences and they are blaming their hectic life that they are having it right now. This is why they are looking for a sex life enhancer by finding the Spanish Fly libido enhancer.

    Spanish fly has been going the rounds as of late and people have been buying it, even when there are warnings against using this aphrodisiac. Yes, it is an aphrodisiac and is proven to be effective on couples when they take it together. The question is, is it the right aphrodisiac to you?

    spanish fly

    About the Spanish Fly

    Despite the name of the Spanish Fly libido enhancer, it does not come from a fly at all. It is the name of a beetle that produces a juice coming from its legs when they feel threatened. The Spanish fly is dominant in Southern Europe, a small and metallic green beetle that is a part of the blister beetle group. The Spanish Fly aphrodisiac is made out of the beetle’s crushed bodies after it is dried out in the sun. It is ground into fine powder, which is then the essence for enhancing the libido of partners. The parts of the beetle have no value at all except for the secretion it produces, referred to as cantharidin, which can only be produced by male beetles only.

    The use of Spanish Fly as an aphrodisiac can be traced as far back as Ancient Rome, wherein the Emperor Augustus Caeser’s wife, Livia, has been recorded to use the Spanish Fly during parties. It was during that time that the aphrodisiac has gained areputation to truly enhance the sexual desire of both partners. During the 18th century, the use of this aphrodisiac has become prominent in England and France.

    Side effects of the Spanish Fly

    Even with the popularity of the Spanish Fly libido enhancer rising, little do these users know of the side effects that it comes along. There have been various reports of its users being killed when taking in large doses of it. A lot of fatalities have been reported in Europe alone. Marquis de Sade was charged guilty of attempted murder of the 2 ladies that he secretly fed the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac. Another person named Arthur Kendrick Ford was also reported to have used the drug and has inadvertently murdered the object of his desire.

    Because of its dangerous properties, many western countries have decided to ban the use of the product. But this only boosted its sales and popularity. It didn’t faze out the desire to use this aphrodisiac as it is proven to enhance the user’s sexual desire.

    Spanish Fly

    How the Spanish Fly Works

    The effects of the Spanish Fly to the body are profound indeed. The cantharidin, which is the active ingredient sought from the Spanish Fly, is actually a potent blistering compound. This potion operates by irritating the body of the user, most particularly on the urogenital tract, which sometimes causes blood to rush to the genital area. Based on the feedback from its devotees, the erections turned more sustained and the female clitoris gets more sensitive.

    This is indeed true for some individuals, but the reality is that what’s causing the ‘erection’ is actually the blistering agent, which is not a good sign at all because it is causing damage rather than enhancing something. When taken in mild doses, the irritation can be mistaken as a stimulation on erection.

    Spanish Fly

    Should you take Spanish Fly?

    You’d probably be thinking right now that the safest Spanish Fly product you’ll take are the ones that are proven to be safe. These safe products only contain smaller doses of cantharidin. But this also affects its effectiveness on the body, too.

    The worst that can happen with the Spanish Fly libido enhancer is that when they are applied directly to the genitals. Its effect can only result in painful blisters on the areas that should not have had blisters at all. After some time the sores and pain disappear. But this was only the case before. The products today are taken internally, so it results in a more serious side-effect. If they are taken in small doses, you’ll be fortunate enough to go through no pain at all. Some have low tolerance of such effects, which they obviously see the damage after taking it for some time. Whenever complications occur after you have taken it, it is best that you discontinue its use and seek a doctor.